Bentley: a proud British tradition

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The name Bentley is synonymous with class, elegance and hand-crafted uncompromising luxury. Bentleys are fast, exciting and highly desirable, mixing smouldering good looks with a very British heritage. It’s that heritage that gives Bentley its unique character, making it one of the most distinctive and endlessly fascinating cars found on the road today. Here are some interesting facts about Bentley that you probably weren’t aware.

They began making airplane engines during WWI

Bentley’s journey to becoming a British icon began in 1912 when W O Bentley and his brother HM bought Lecoq and Fernie, a French auto company renaming it Bentley and Bentley. The first car, however, did not roll off the production line until 1919 as the company spent its formative years making engines for aircraft in the First World War.

The Bentley Boys liked to party

After the first motorcar rolled off the production line in Baker Street in London the company began to get involved in motorsport. Their racing team was known as “The Bentley Boys” and were renowned for their love of partying. Their 1929 Le Mans victory was marked with dinner, dancing and drinking until 6 in the morning with the three prettiest girls being awarded the prize of taking a ride in a Bentley of their choice.

W O remained with the company after the Rolls Royce takeover

In 1931 the company found themselves in a financial mess. W O’s pursuit of quality had produced breathtaking cars but not a financially viable business model. When Rolls Royce stepped in to buy the company in 1931, they kept W O on to prevent him starting a rival brand.

A Bentley holds the world speed record on ice

The world speed record on ice was set in 2007 where Finish Rally legend Juha Kankkunen clocked up an impressive 200mph in Bentley Continental GT. To celebrate they made a special edition watch which was completely free as long as you purchased the special edition Continental GT convertible along with it.

You can decorate your home in Bentley

Bentley has a range of upmarket luxurious furniture (well it wouldn’t be Bentley otherwise) for just about every room in the house. Probably best to buy the car first though.

Owning a Bentley is more realistic than you think

Luxury and performance doesn’t come cheap; but with a range of finance options and a good selection of second-hand cars with low mileage on the market, owning a Bentley could become a reality. Check out HR Owen Bentley for a list of models, prices and available finance options. Who knows? Maybe you could be joining the Bentley Boys.