Baby Land Rover to Be Unwrapped in Paris

The LRX concept car, unveiled by Land Rover at the 2008 Detroit auto show, is coming to production in 2011 as the Evoque, which will break cover Sept. 30 at the Paris motor show.

The Evoque would be the smallest Land Rover in the lineup: several inches shorter than the LR2 (nee Freelander) and about a half an inch narrower. The wheelbase is exactly the same, which broadly hints that the Evoque will ride on a chassis similar to that of the LR2. Where Evoque would be much different is in its height, which at a “mere” 60.4 inches is at least eight inches lower than the LR2.

Curb weights could be 300-400 pounds less than LR2 models, with the base model tipping the scales at a positively svelte 3,527 pounds. In addition to being the lightest Land Rover, the company promises Evoque will also be the thriftiest and cleanest -– from an environmental standpoint.

It will retain Land Rover’s traditional prowess in off-road operation, while upgrading the inside of the cabin. It will be equipped with the latest version of Land Rover’s Terrain Response System that will offer customers a choice between the standard, full-time, intelligent, 4-wheel-drive system. It will also provide a 2-wheel-drive option, for maximum fuel economy on-road.

The powertrains to be offered feature turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. The 2-liter gasoline engine, for which no advance fuel economy figures were given, uses technologies like variable valve timing and direct fuel injection. A 2.2-liter diesel will come in two different power variations, with the most efficient version offering fuel economy exceeding 50 miles per gallon, the company said in a press release. Diesel models equipped with a manual transmission will feature an idle stop-start feature to further enhance fuel economy and lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

The Evoque, to be produced at the company’s Halewood plant in the United Kingdom, will come to market in summer 2011.

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