A Look at the New BMW i8

New BMW i8

Let’s face it – hybrids haven’t exactly set the world alight so far when it comes to revolutionizing the global motor market from a style perspective. For all of the carbon efficiency and green credentials, the world has been waiting for a show-stopper to truly announce the arrival of the hybrid era and, fortunately, the wait is finally over.

Before we even start to consider the myriad of futuristic tech-specs lying silently hidden under the bonnet, just take a minute to appreciate the sheer beauty of the BMW i8 because it’s simply stunning. From the eye-catching wheel arches to the gull-wing doors, it packs a serious ‘wow’ factor from outset which continues through every orifice of the overall driving experience.

From Eco Pro mode to comfort mode

This is a machine boasting a trio of personalities for you to fall in love with. In Comfort mode, sit back and enjoy the best of both engines, with purely electrical driving available up to 37 mph and the combustion engine kicking in at higher speeds for optimum driving comfort. Eco Pro mode is available for those wanting to appreciate the incredible efficiency of the i8 and allows for automatic tweaking of the accelerator, cooling systems and transmission.

Highly economical

With just one flick of a switch, the highly economical 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack morphs into an unrecognizable beast. Working in mesmerizing synergy with its TwinPower Turbo 1.5 litre counterpart, the full force of the 360BHP engine is unleashed resulting in 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

Huge leaps have been made in terms of its acceleration, top speed and overall performance with the introduction of BMW’s patented LifeDrive architecture, comprised of the Life module and Drive module. The Life module sees the entire passenger cell made of carbon, significantly reducing weight, and increasing the sense of generous spaciousness. The Drive module houses all of the key drive components in the lower module of the car rather than running through the middle resulting in a low center of gravity for optimal distribution and unrivalled agility.

Unrivalled state-of-the-art gadgetry

As well as the state of the art components enhancing the actual driving performance, the gadgetry that BMW include inside the cockpit continues to champion the futuristic ethos of the i8. iDrive puts the driver in control of almost every aspect of the vehicle’s functions and has been designed to be ergonomically comfortable for use with one hand to minimize driving distractions. Whether it’s telephone, navigation or entertainment, iDrive brings the most commonly accessed functions to your fingertips. With the price tag sitting just shy of £100,000, a whole host of BMW Service Inclusive packages are also available for the i8, leaving you to concentrate on the reason you bought it in the first place – driving.

With the global protests for more investment in green energy happening over the past weekend, the drive towards greener energy has never been so prominent, and if the BMW i8 is anything to go by, we should be very excited about the future of hybrid.