6 Ways For Dealerships To Improve The Sale Of Their Pre-Owned Cars

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the internet and new car sales apps have changed the face of both used and new car sales. If you are a used car dealers Langley that wants to increase your bottom line, then it is all about marketing. But what type of marketing strategy works best in today’s competitive business landscape? These are some proven ways to empty your pre-owned dealer lots and clear your inventory with ease.

Digital marketing has taken over how the consumer both looks for and purchases cars, and it can be confusing to figure out what is worth your time and budget and what is not. These six things have been proven to increase a dealership’s marketability. If you update your internet marketing savvy skills, you will begin to reach a whole new segment of the pre-owned car market.

1. Use your website for more than just contact information

A website is a great tool for marketing, but you could be missing out if you don’t utilize its potential to the fullest. Your website is going to be your best lead-generation machine if you include these specific things.

A responsive design – Your website needs to be completely user-friendly and should be compatible with all different types of devices and platforms. If your customer can’t see what they want or figure out how to navigate your site, they are likely going to look elsewhere.

Don’t discount video – You are living in an age where mere static visuals aren’t good enough. If you want to increase your client base, you have to include other digital marketing assets like videos to allow the customer to get a good “look” at the merchandise. Car sales is still an industry that is all about the look and feel, and video is an excellent way to create that for potential customers.

Easy ways to reach out – Don’t just include a call to action on your website; make it easy for the consumer to reach out to you. That means making sure that you have a page where they can contact you directly, like an “online chat” or a form that they can fill out so you can reach out to them immediately.

2. Don’t forget the traditional marketing

It is easy to get caught up in the digital age and forget that there is still a segment of the population that isn’t all wired up. For a successful campaign, don’t let go of the traditional forms of marketing like radio, print, and television ads. They still work, even if they are old school.

3. Reach out to the community

You want to build a relationship with the community around you. The internet has allowed people to shop around the nation for the car of their dreams. But if you make your presence known locally, build brand loyalty and have a good reputation, buyers might forego the internet and come in to see what you have. Good ways of reaching out are sponsoring a local sports team, running a charity drive, or even having free car-wash days. The idea is to create a favorable impression of your business and to get them in the door. Once there, you are likely to make a sale.

4. Incentivize them

Customers really like when they feel like they are getting something in return. Creating incentive packages, paying it forward, or even giving out referral bonuses are all ways to gain loyalty and to increase your customer base. Also, make sure to continue to offer your customers, value. Weekly specials, emails with information, or just general tips are all a way to drive potential clients to your website to find the car of their dreams.

5. It is all about brand messaging

The more that you can get your brand noticed, the more familiarity you will build with your client base. People highly value first impressions, so putting some money into your logo and your branding is highly important. It might be an expense up front, but it will pay off in the end through creating brand loyalty.

6. Drive traffic

A website is only good if it is seen by potential clients. If you want to increase your presence on the internet and in the community, the best way to do that is to drive people to your website. You can do that by using paid advertising or by using tools that will increase your SEO ranking, like blogs and email campaigns. It is also good to make sure that whatever you invest in has quantifiable measures of success so that you aren’t just spending your marketing budget without knowing for sure if it is working.

The internet has certainly complicated the ways that dealerships reach potential clients and the way that buyers search for their cars. The best way to increase your bottom line is to devise a marketing campaign that reaches all audiences — local, technical, and tech-savvy.