5 Ways to Style Your Car on a Budget


Oftentimes, driving the long, monotonous roads and daily commutes in a used car can grow tedious, even if the vehicle is considered to be upscale and luxurious. However, there are numerous ways to create a new and exciting feel to an old and humdrum car without breaking the bank.

1. Declutter and organize
In many vehicles, various objects and even trash find their way into every corner of a car, which can create a feeling of unease and discontent for a driver. A simple solution to this is to simply remove any unnecessary objects and garbage to create a pleasing and fun atmosphere to drive in.


2. Detail
A significant reason many cars become boring and monotonous to their owner is the simple fact of dirtiness. Using a toothpick to detail the nooks and crannies of the interior, wiping down the dust that accumulates on the dashboard, and vacuuming up the various little bits of outside on the floorboards are all ways to rejuvenate the life of a vehicle.

3. Wash all windows
The windows of a vehicle are the driver’s way of seeing into the outside world. Therefore, making sure both the inside and outside of the glass panes are thoroughly cleaned is imperative to making the driving of a car a positive experience. Additionally, taking care of windshield wipers by wiping them down every couple of weeks and replacing worn blades is essential to making a car both safe and enjoyable to drive. Example: Some nice and effective wiper blades can be found at eurocarparts.com/wiper-blades and be sure to use the promo code weekend30 to get 30% of your purchase at mamma.com.

4. Purchase seat and steering wheel covers
A small and inexpensive way to give an old car a new look is to buy covers for the steering wheel and the seat, especially if the parts are worn and shabby. Make sure the covers fit well and coalesce well with the colors and textures of the rest of the interior.

5. Perform regular maintenance and upkeep
Perhaps the most important way to create a new atmosphere in an older vehicle is to make sure it is running properly by getting regular oil changes, changing the air filters, and doing other various things to keep the car up and going.


Creating a feeling of modernness in an aged car is neither expensive nor difficult and is very rewarding for the owner of the vehicle. Going into the daily grind with a car that feels and looks new is a feeling that can be matched by none.