5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Your Family Vehicle

family car

“Are we there yet?” is the four-word question every parent dreads to hear on a road trip. It’s a sign that kids are already bored and tired, and are soon to find ways to entertain themselves in whatever form. And if you’re not prepared, it might just get messy, or noisy, or just plain crazy.

So what can you do to make road trips a little more bearable and pleasant for the whole family? Installing these 5 car accessories might help.

1.Entertainment players and adapters

One way to keep the kids from being restless, especially on long trips, is by adding a rear-seat entertainment system and MP3 players or adapters. They can watch their favorite shows or movies, or listen to music to take away their boredom for a while. It would be great if you look into options that allow multiple entertainment systems to run simultaneously, so one can watch a movie on the DVD player while the other one plays something else on the stereo.

2.Portable charger

What good is your iPad or tablet if it’s running low on battery and can’t keep your little passengers occupied? Having a portable car charger for your mobile device can be a lifesaver, ensuring you won’t have to worry about a tot in the backseat nagging or whining because of a game or movie that has to be paused.

3.Extra cargo space

Whether it be diaper bags, strollers or camping and biking gear, kids sure can fill up your vehicle with their stuff. For a safer and more comfortable trip that doesn’t involve squeezing bags and luggage in the seat or on the floor, it’s advisable to add extra storage to your car. Look for pop-up bins or cargo nets for more flexibility. Also consider adding a rooftop storage unit to increase the amount of cargo you can carry. However, be sure your vehicle is capable to carry the load, you don’t want to suffer from a flat tyre and end up searching for tyre shops on your trip.

4.Fold-out trays

Another must-have accessory to make your family car more kid-friendly is a fold-out tray. Perfect for snacking, holding drinks and beverages, coloring, or playing games, fold-out trays offer convenience and help keep your tiny tots entertained. Fold-out trays can take up some space, though, and even injure passengers in a collision when not stored properly. Thus, it’s best to choose built-in versions for your vehicle that can be stowed easily and won’t add more damage in case of a crash.

5.Comfortable, flexible seating

One of the keys to a safe, pleasant and quarrel-free road trip is comfortable seating that suits the needs of your passengers—from babies to teens. For instance, for young babies, it’s advisable to have a second-row center seat that makes it easy for you to slide your kid forward and bring closer to you. Older tots may also be happy having built-in booster seats to add elevation, letting them feel like big kids. While teens, on the other hand, would definitely appreciate sitting in second-row captain’s chairs so they can get their much-needed privacy and elbow room.

A family car is much more than just a mode of transport; it’s your brood’s home on the road. Thus, it pays to personalize it with some accessories that suit your needs to make every trip, from school commutes to long trips, safe, smooth and comfortable for everyone.