4 Great Family SUVs To Consider Buying

A family SUV is not necessarily a large, powerful or stylish vehicle. It is the SUV that is a perfect fit to specific buyer needs. Various requirements might exist from hauling an increased number of passengers to towing camping trailers for weekend getaways. There are also many SUV shoppers that are highly prizing the fuel economy over vehicle size or power over maneuverability. Some will want to buy an SUV that is good at as many things as possible. It is hard to recommend the very best fit in your case but the family SUVs chosen by What Is SUV specialists are most likely a great fit.

Toyota Highlander

This full size family SUV is highly recommended because it basically does everything in a proper way. It features 8 passenger seating options in 3 rows and a pretty good cargo space of 83.7 cubic feet. This SUV is versatile with very good handling that is car-like. It is actually more than what you normally expect from such a large crossover. You can even consider the entry level engine with 185 hp but many will be focused on the V6 3.5 liter 270 hp option. All drivetrains have 6 speed automatic transmission gearboxes.

Dodge Durango

Another large crossover, the Dodge Durango manages to offer a great balance for buyers interested in practicality without having to drive really large vehicles. You can choose out of AWD or rear-wheel drive, both with smooth driving that cannot be matched through truck-based SUVs. According to many buyers, a very big buying point is the V6 3.6 liter 295 hp engine that returns good fuel efficiency at 25 miles per gallon on the highway. However, if you are interested in a very strong option, there is a V8 5.7 liter engine that brings you 395 hp.

Chevrolet Suburban

When thinking about affordable SUVs of a full size, the Chevrolet Suburban has been king for a long time. That is mainly because of the strong pickup-based SUV platform that gives a towing power of over 8,000 lbs, with an impressive carrying capacity of 121 cubic feet. The SUV is good for larger families as it has 9 passenger seating and the engine is very good since the standard option offers 355 hp. Fuel consumption while on the highway is 22 miles per gallon and AWD is available as an extra option.

Lincoln MKX

In 2016 the Lincoln MKX was redesigned and the result was very interesting for families. The focus is put on offering a really refined ride and performance is not as high as the other options above but this does not mean it is not family friendly. Performance is not going to disappoint as you get 303 hp in the standard engine and even better options that can be taken into account. You will get FWD as a standard while AWD is option. The six speed automatic gearbox is going to manage all power for all the available engines.