2012 Camaro

The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro is a fun car for anyone to drive. The car has been made in vibrant colors that look great on the road. Although it is a sports car with a lot of power behind the wheel, it is a safe vehicle to drive.

The Camaro has always had a sleek appearance. The new model has a look of power and attitude when you see it on the road. You can get the car as a convertible so that you can feel the wind in your hair. The basic model has about 426 horsepower, but the ZL1 can top about 580 horsepower. This model would be more expensive if you are looking forĀ car insurance online, but still definitely worth researching.
One of the things that consumers have said about this car is that the gas mileage is great for a sports car. Normal gas mileage in town is about 18 and on the highway is 26. The price of the car is affordable as well. Halogen headlights shine brighter at night to keep you safe on the road. The 2012 Camaro has been given a five-star rating when it comes to safety. It has scored well in rollover tests, side impact tests and other accident testing. The frame has been built so that it is as solid as possible. Airbags and antilock brakes are standard features in the Camaro.

The appearance of the car is not just for people to look at. It is designed so that you have maximum speed and efficiency while you are driving. Most of the car is made from one piece of metal to give the bold appearance of power. The wheels are large in diameter, and the rims are a simple design. Bucket seats and a modern dashboard that includes LED lights are only two of the things that drivers enjoy about the Camaro. Most of the models have an automatic transmission. A new steering wheel has been added to the 2012 Camaro. You have more control over how you drive on the road with the new wheel.

The performance of the Camaro is what brings people back to purchasing it. The car can pick up speed quickly, and it has the power to stop within seconds. A dual overhead cam gives you as much power as you want in a car, but it is not something that cannot be controlled. The basic model with lower horsepower is still a great choice for people who want to live the dream of owning a classic sports car of American history.