10 innovative ways to maintain your car’s value

car maintenance

There are many ways to maintain the value and condition of your car, starting from keeping the bodywork in perfect condition to ensuring the perfect running of the car’s engine.

1. Keep your mileage down
Sometimes owning a high quality car can be a bonus, but if you’re thinking of driving long distances it might be a good idea to rent a car to take you to your destination. This not only keeps the mileage of your own car down, but also reduces wear and tear. Many people use their cars as collateral when applying for a loan click here to find out more about accessing this method of finance.

2. Protecting your bodywork
Always make sure that your car’s paintwork and underside is kept clean from grit and salt in the winter. It’s easy to run your car through a car wash, but keeping the chassis free from dirt is also important.

3. Cleaning the interior
Keeping the seats and shelving of the car clean is as important as maintaining the engine. Making sure that when you buy the car it has leather seats may help the long term value of the car as mentioned on the Which website, which also states that leather will be a better option for anyone with an allergy.

4. Fuel consumption
When purchasing a car it’s important to take into account the fuel consumption of the car before anything else. The Telegraph gives an idea of how the car’s performance and running costs can cause the car to depreciate in value over a short period of time.

5. Automatic gearbox
A car or van with an automatic gearbox will normally cost you more to buy, but they usually hold their value longer than the standard manual version and this type of gearbox is more reliable as long as it is maintained to a reasonable standard.

6. Parking sensors will keep you safe
With today’s cars there are many electronic devices available from camera systems to parking sensors which can all add to the comfort and ease of the driving experience, they can also help maintain the value of the car by keeping it up to date.

7. Good music for a relaxing drive
Fitting a good quality music system to your car will not only give you the perfect driving experience but it will also maintain the value of your car in the future, so sit back and enjoy.

8. Check your tyres
Keeping your tyres in good condition is essential, and will also make sure that your fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. Tyres with the correct grip and tread will give you perfect road holding and also reduce any wear to other parts of the car.

9. Using the correct fuel
When buying a car it’s always worth considering what the cost of the fuel will be and what your mileage will be. Whether you’re driving an electric, hybrid or a diesel it’s always best to think ahead.

10. Reducing wear and tear
Driving safely will not only save you and your car from having an accident, it will also save the engine from excess torque and crunching of the gears.